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John’s End of Year Message

By 22 December 2016No Comments

final_highres0014-copyWell as 2016 comes to an end we can look back and see what was achieved…

From a personal point of view, both my sons completed university this year, both with high marks and one with a double degree, and my daughter got As & B’s in all her subjects. Hopefully the genetics run in the family to help me with 2017…

On a business note, my team performed at a top level, even under some of the usual pressures of running a multimillion dollar company. If it was not for them my year would have been a lot harder. We attended and supported our usual charity groups, which is always a great thing to be part of.

Personally, I completed my first e-book ‘The New World of Work’, which culminated in a very fun and informative function held in Sydney’s Martin Place at the Tesla showroom, as well as losing a few kilos along the way to assist with my knee problem that basically is all ok now… and for the fun part had a great weekend on board a cruise ship with some of the team as a thank you for all their efforts…

With regards to what we are attempting to do in 2017:

We will have the opportunity to provide Salary Management & visa services not only in Australia but USA/Canada/UK/New Zealand.

We will be setting up a portal so everyone can get to some of the interesting information we source throughout the year, both business wise and personally, and within that portal we are looking to have private logins for all our clients and contractors.

So here’s to a great 2017, both personally and professionally, and above all have fun and enjoy this wonderful world that we live in… May you and your friends and family all have a great 2017.

Purnima Kabra