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Giving Youth A Chance…

By 28 July 2015No Comments

Pendragon is proud of the work it does with local communities and education providers in the local area…


For instance, over the past ten years, Pendragon have been proud sponsors of the University of Western Sydney’s internship program. Pendragon believe that Internships provide experience and real life engagement for both the student intern and employer.YouthClinics


Monique Attia, an intern student at University of Sydney, has recently joined the Pendragon team. Monique is a third year student studying a Bachelor of Communications. She assists in the Pendragon blogs, marketing, Facebook advertisements, monthly newsletter and all other activities you see that pop up on the website and LinkedIn.


The internship program allows students to engage in the real workforce and undertake tasks that allow them to move forward in their chosen careers. This also allows the employer to have some interns assist in the everyday workings of the company whether it be for IT or marketing.


“Over the past few months that I have been working at Pendragon, I have learnt so much in terms of social media, marketing as well as getting real life experience in the work place. The team at Pendragon are very friendly and I really enjoy working under the internship program” –  Monique Attia


Over the next few months Monique will be working on getting new blogs out and informing you about topical issues…


If you wish to get in contact with her to discuss any ideas/topics that you might have for the monthly Pendragon update or blogs, you can email her at [email protected]


If you have any subject/topics you would like covered please let her know what they are.

Purnima Kabra