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Pendragon’s Director, John Glover created a business book – NWOW about how the future of work would change. Let’s see how he got with his predictions 8 years later.

These were his predictions on the new working week . . .

What the Four F’s of the New Working Week?

  • Fearless
  • Freedom
  • Flexible
  • Futurist

Fearless freedom workers

What is contributing to the shift into the new world of work?

  • Technology advancement
  • Global capabilities
  • Diverse demographics
  • Economic changes
  • Social media

Personal values and attitudes to work and life in general have changed.

The new world model of employment is actually not about employing anyone . . .  you contract who you need or outsource the job that’s required to be done to another entity.

The traditional way = ‘wage and salary workers’

The New World = ‘independent salary workers’ – same as the old workers but they have the flexibility to run their own show with regards to their income and they feel more in control of their individual future.

These ‘independent salary workers’ can be employed by but not paid by their employer! Instead they will be paid by a ‘salary management’ company to whom the employer has outsourced the work – yet the independent salary worker is still treated and seen as an employee of that company.

 Culture is vital.

Build loyalty through freedom – the new workers may seek freedom and flexibility, but organisations need to capture their hearts and minds to keep them loyal despite their freedom of choice.

It’s a total mind shift in the way individuals are employed. Yet the loyalty and employer branding remains strong because the employer is actually giving more benefits than they would be able to, if they were employing the individual directly, thanks to the salary management and packaging benefits they can offer by using a salary management company.

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