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The future, a world often defined by science fiction and what ifs, but yet the future is already here, knocking on the door and waiting for you to open yourself up to the endless possibilities.

Technology is advancing and changing at an increasingly fast pace. Solar panels and Tesla electric cars, self-drive trucks and cars, artificial intelligence, they are all already here and permeating the current workplace. Whether you adapt and embrace them is up to you.

The concept of work is evolving too. No longer are employees satisfied to be locked into a 9 to 5 job until they retire, they want flexibility and freedom. The future is likely to hold a freelancing boom, persons being employed as contractors, paid externally through a salary management company, and yet treated as an employee on your own books. For companies to succeed in the new world of work, you need to create the right culture, capture the hearts and the minds of those who work for you, embrace the new world of work, and you will find yourself successful.

Pendragon Management prides itself on always looking to the future – the mantra made famous by Captain James Tiberius Kirk, ‘to boldly go where no man has gone before’ – encapsulating the business ideals almost as much as the old fashion principles of our namesake Arthur Pendragon, King of Camelot: honesty, ethics, integrity, wisdom, chivalry and courage. Pendragon looks and embraces the new world of work with courage, and we want to invite you to do the same.

On the night of Tuesday October 25th, Pendragon will be launching the new seminar and eBook – ‘The New World of Work’ – written by our CEO John Glover.

We are lucky enough to be able to host the event in a very exciting city location, a place where the future is sitting in the very same room.

Tesla opened their Martin Place showroom earlier this year, and the company has agreed to host the New World of Work Launch later this year. Learn about the future of work whilst browsing the Tesla showroom. Take photos with the Tesla S Model and imagine yourself driving through the streets of Sydney in the electric vehicle.

As well as the exciting venue, futurist Craig Rispin and Gold Medallist Paralympian Ellie Cole will be at the event to speak, as well as hearing from John himself in regards to the ‘New World of Work.’

Pendragon’s ‘New World of Work’ is available for download now

Purnima Kabra