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482 Visa and Sponsorship

Struggling To Find Local Talent… Use An On-Hire Labour Company…!!!

By 16 October 2023No Comments

On-hire labour companies, like Pendragon are able to obtain 482/TSS visas and can sponsor workers on your behalf.

Immigration Services:

With some current skills hard to find, many companies are looking for overseas candidates, however, sponsoring and organising for their visas can be time consuming and expensive.

Your company can offer a position to an overseas employee with the required skill and leave the worry about obtaining their visa to the on-hire company. On-hire labour agreements allow some approved businesses to sponsor skilled overseas worker, on behalf of the company, when the company can demonstrate the need for someone with the required skill that couldn’t be found locally in the Australian Labour Market.

In some cases, your company is able to do the immigration work itself, however it is strongly recommended you consider the following before doing so:

  • There are many rules and regulations to consider when lodging an application to the Department of Home Affairs. These rules and regulations change regularly without notice.
  • Are you, as a company, able to sponsor overseas candidates? The Immigration Department has very strict rules on who can and who cannot sponsor International candidates.
  • Are you aware of the extensive liabilities attached to your company if you choose to sponsor an overseas candidate, in addition to the regular monitoring process that accompanies sponsorship?
  • Unless you are keeping up with current rules and regulations, it’s easy to make mistakes, which cost time and money. For example, an error that requires an application to be re-lodged offshore could mean your applicant has to leave the country, and may not even get back again. Plus, you may have to pay for the fees to the government all over again. You really don’t want that hassle, do you?
  • Fully qualified Migration Agents have extensive experience and can often see other avenues to approach sometimes-difficult situations. Unless you have this level of expertise it is very hard to accurately assess a candidate’s chances of obtaining a visa. In some cases, you may decide that they are unable to obtain a visa where in fact an on-hire company with migration agents may have very easily been able to secure one for them.
  • And last, you may also wish to consider the mountains of paperwork required for each lodgement and the extra time wasted when you need to re-lodge an application.

With all the costs associated while lodging an Australian visa with the Department of Home Affairs, you would want it to get right the first time. The difference between using a fully qualified Migration Agent or not, can mean the difference between getting the right person for the job or not.

It really is that simple. You have to ask yourself how much your company wants the candidate and whether or not it’s worth taking the chance of losing them if their visa application is unsuccessful.

Pendragon are visa specialists with over 30 years of experience. We can help you run your business more efficiently, saving you time and money. 

For further information please don’t hesitate to contact us, book an appointment or reach us at [email protected] or 02 9407 8700 where one of our Australian team members will gladly help you.

Pendragon Team