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Our Top 5 for a Successful Workforce Management Implementation

By 16 January 2024No Comments

So, you’ve decided to plunge into an outsourced workforce management solution to accelerate business operations but want to ensure it’s a smooth transition for your talent?

You’d be right in thinking the key to a successful workforce management solution lies in executing a well-thought-out implementation plan. In this article, we spill the beans on our top 5 pillars for a smooth and successful transition, safeguarding your brand.


To design a workforce solution that makes sense for your business, we first dive deep into the workforce management challenges and requirements of our customers. Our journey begins with a comprehensive scoping session, laying the foundation for a tailored implementation process.

We work with customers to outline their goals and objectives for the workforce management solution. For instance, your primary goal may be to increase operational efficiency, gain better internal employee productivity, improve the accuracy or frequency of payroll, risk and compliance mitigation, or simply enable scalability as your organisation grows.

Identifying your objectives will help us in implementing a purpose-driven solution that allows for future growth.


Our scoping sessions help us to identify the solution your organisation needs. We navigate the intricacies of:

  • Engagement types – whether the workforce management solution extends to both permanent employees and contingent workers.
  • Worker landscape – is your workforce predominately highly skilled, in demand and difficult to attract and retain, impacted by modern awards, subject to strict OHS regulations and so on? All these elements need to be carefully considered as part of implementation.
  • Geographical considerations – understanding where your workforce is located, with special attention to factors such as offshore workers or workers that require a local visa.
  • Sourcing methods – designing workflows to help administer sourcing panels that are in place.
  • Payroll requirements – consider best cycles to manage payroll and financing requirements to alleviate any cash flow pressures that may impact the timely payment of your workforce.

In our comprehensive solution, all these elements are thoughtfully catered for, ensuring that your workforce management strategy aligns seamlessly with your organisational objectives


We don’t want to disrupt your current groove, so unlike the one-size-fits-all method, we prefer the ‘Getting to Yes’ approach. Our solutions can be tailored to weave into your existing procure-to-pay or talent acquisition setup.

We’ll work with your teams to craft a customised workflow tailored to blend with your existing organisational procedures seamlessly. But that’s not all – if you’ve got a tech stack that underpins your operations, our solution is tech-friendly and can sync with your existing technology, streamlining operations and injecting simplicity into your technological landscape, easing the change management piece for your teams.


Navigate the waves of change with effective strategies to help the workforce embrace the new system and processes. Our commitment to open communication and robust support minimises resistance and maximises acceptance.

With the support of our customers, we develop comprehensive training sessions and material for both Hiring Managers and workers so that they are well and truly informed on the ‘How-to’ of our day-to-day management of their engagement.


The onboarding process is the first key interaction your workforce will experience as part of the transition. Therefore, a smooth onboarding for each worker must be handled with complete professionalism and a few 1%ers along the way. Our killer contractor support team, coupled with clear communication and user-friendly tech experience, makes the onboarding process painless – something your workforce will thank you for.

In a nutshell, implementing a workforce management solution is not just a project – it’s the strategic investment that reshapes how businesses engage talent. By following these 5 pillars the chances are good you’ll see many happy faces. Accelerate your workforce management journey with these essential foundations for success.

Pendragon Team