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Pendragon Straight Talk: Episode Twenty-Nine

By 7 August 2017No Comments

JOHN GLOVER: Hello and welcome to another Pendragon Straight Talk. The question this week, or I’ve been asked a couple of times this week why do I collaborate with people so much, why do I go and see people and companies that have not necessarily got anything to do with me, but may have something to do with my service that I want to offer, that’s why I collaborate.
I think, and the way you do collaboration is not about that you want to go out there and find people and companies that you can make commission off. I wouldn’t worry about the commission side of things, what you’re trying to do with collaboration is to offer more of a service to your clients.
So, you might have your service which is really cool, but there may be two or three other things around that you can collaborate with other companies to make sure then you are giving a better service to your client and also you can work together on joint marketing, you can work together with your databases on joint databases pushing out, because if you are collaborating with them, your services should also work to collaborate with their service to their clients.
I was recently in the UK and two of the meetings I had there were just purely to do with collaboration.
One was with the CBA, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. They have their international branch, and obviously because I deal with internationals, they wanted to know, well we’re going to companies, we want to know if we can assist them with visas, because we want to open up their bank accounts. I said that’s fantastic because I can now put that on my website and say hey we can have a bank account opened up for you prior to you going to Australia, and that means you will be able to be paid as soon as you get there and money can flow through your bank account.
So, there is reasons for doing it, we have financial planners, we have companies that can give loans, we have accountants who do all our guys and our employees end of year tax returns, we do them for free as such, so we incorporate it in our service, but its outsourced to an accounting firm, that does them all for us.
So, I don’t need those skills in house, I don’t need those costs sitting there all year waiting for someone to use them, so that’s what collaboration should be about.
I think the thing is, you want to look out into the marketplace and say what are the three to five different services, that if you put them around your services would add that massive extra value to your client and that will maybe give you the differentiation in the marketplace, that uniqueness that makes them come to you and work with you more.
So, it’s amazing also what doors it opens when you go and have these meetings for collaborating, because sometimes they don’t actually work or sometimes they don’t get anywhere, but hey, you’re still talking about your service, they’re still talking about theirs and that’s networking at its best if you can refer people to one another.
So, it’s amazing to do it, I’ve enjoyed it. I think you should all go out and find yourself three to five companies that you can collaborate with over the next month and happy collaborating and I’ll talk to you next week!

Purnima Kabra