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Pendragon Straight Talk: Episode Twenty-Seven

By 24 July 2017No Comments

JOHN GLOVER: Hello and welcome to another Pendragon Straight Talk. I would like to thank Katelyn for looking after it for me while I was overseas and the conversation this week will be around the fact of why I was overseas and face to face meetings, because somebody asked me why do I enjoy face to face meetings?
Well, one of the biggest things is that you get the opportunity to really get a feel for the person you are meeting. You get to talk about things you may not be able to talk about over the internet. You can cross over things very quickly and its far better to be face to face.
So, once I was in the UK, I obviously made sure I had a few meetings face to face even though I had to travel around the country quite a bit, because then I got to meet some of the senior people and got to talk to three or four people within a company, rather than just the one person I may have emailed and was trying to do some business with via email.
So, it’s far more powerful to meet face to face.
So, I’m recommending to everybody, you know emails are cool and the modern world is really cool and even doing these blogs is really cool, but there is a real power to face to face because once you’re in front of someone, a) you might like them and if you like them it’s going to be easier to do business with them, you get to know exactly what their company does, they will tell you, you know, those little things that don’t come out on an email or can’t come out on an email, and those little side issues, ‘Oh we’re also involved in this or we may be able to help you with that.’
So, it gave me an opportunity to really explain my experience and how I could assist them in various different ways about moving or working or living in Australia. So, this one is really about the fact that I had a great few meetings in the UK while I was there, and one of the reasons I went was that I wanted to get face to face with some of these clients that have been trying to talk to me over the internet or even via skype.
So, my recommendation, get out there, talk to people, we’re all human beings, so let’s going an enjoy life and do face to face, it’s very powerful.
Thanks for listening, I’ll talk to you next week.

Purnima Kabra