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Pendragon’s New Year’s Resolution 2020 – Save the Koala…!

By 19 December 2019No Comments

Due to the horrendous bush fires this season in Australia, there was a lot of destruction of the natural habitat and food source of the Koalas. Right now, they are losing their homes and their lives to these widespread bush fires and excessive tree-clearing.

Koalas are considered vulnerable to extinction, just a step above endangered, and reports indicate that between 350 to 1000 koalas have been found dead so far in fire-devastated zones of northern New South Wales.

In order to further protect Koalas, their food sources and homes before they are gone forever and to address the issue of their national decline, the team at Pendragon has made a New Year’s Resolution to do what they can to address this situation.

In 2020, the team at Pendragon has decided to support local charities who are ethical environmentally friendly and working hard to stop the destruction of endangered animals’ habitats.

We will be commencing this in January 2020 and for every new lead we receive, we will be planting a Eucalyptus tree and on behalf of every person who starts working through us, we will donate funds to save a Koala. In this way we will not only help the Koalas and their food source but also do our bit in saving the planet.

Because in the end, it’s up to us to ensure future generations get to see these iconic Aussie animals in the wild.

Purnima Kabra