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Plastic is Killing the Planet… And Us…

By 4 July 2019No Comments

Did you know half of our marine life has been lost in the last 40 years? And it is said by 2050, there would be more plastic in the sea than fishes…


Plastic Free July is a global event that would help billions of people to be a part of an environment which is Plastic Pollution Free, which would make all our surroundings more beautiful for our community with cleaner streets and oceans…

Did you know half of our marine life has been lost in the last 40 years? And it is said by 2050, there would be more plastic in the sea than fishes. So, we came across this amazing movie called BLUE where it takes us on a proactive journey into the ocean realm, demonstrating us a harsh moment in time where we put the marine life on the edge. The movie features passionate advocates for ocean preservation and reveals the story of our changing ocean.

You can have a look at the changing ocean life yourself and decide on the legacy we would leave behind for the generations to come. Watch here!

David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II documentary also highlighted the dangers of plastic pollution to marine life, 93-year-old, David Attenborough recently appeared on the stage at the music festival Glastonbury in the UK to appreciate the ban of sale of water bottles, soft drinks and alcohol in plastic bottles at the event. He also launched the BBC’s new natural history series Seven Worlds, One Planet. He introduced a four-minute prequel video on the same in a crowd that consisted almost 200,000 individuals and congratulated them on bringing their own steel bottles that could be filled with water from taps or water kisoks. Read here to know how Kylie Minogue helped David Attenborough to have an impact on the audience..

Sustainability is a message that has hit a lot of people. Adore Beauty founder, Kate Morris, through customer feedback, found that her customers were worried because of the wastage that took place from packaging for their products and doubted if they had done anything to save the environment. Mullen looks at this as a ‘great business case’ for being an environmentally responsible business. Mullen did her bit by replacing the plastic void fills with a recyclable paper option. Read on here to know how adopting sustainability in her business has actually helped them in delivering savings and better customer satisfaction.

You know what’s the best thing about Plastic Free July? You can pick up a challenge that works for you. I know challenges can be scary, but we can help you prepare and guide for your journey to zero waste.

Firstly, choose your commitment – you can choose to opt out from the Big Fours Plastic waste from your life at the start- the straw, coffee cups lids, plastic bottles and plastic bags. You can choose to remove them from your life altogether too, or you may do it once a day or once a week.

Secondly, make a plan – Go through each section of your house and look for them items you think you don’t want or can be replaced by a more environmentally friendly item.

Thirdly, start the transition – You are already in the first week of July and cannot risk in delaying. Find the best alternatives for your list and buy them!!

Lastly, go plastic free – Make sure you are in the mission with friends and family and create awareness about the problems of plastic consumption.

We are doing our bit and have taken up the challenge. Have you..?? If not…

What you can do this week:

Grab yourself a cuppa, and take a few minutes to read the Plastic Action Pack. It’s all there, everything to get you started – background information on the big polluting items, checklists for action, and even a handy door hanger to remind you to take your bags!

Action One: Your personal action

After reading the pack, decide: What is going to be your main focus for the month? What item(s) are you giving the flick and substituting for a natural alternative?

Purnima Kabra