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Save the Lions

By 9 April 2015No Comments

I know we are all busy… but this is an event that will certainly remain with you as a memorable


Born Free will be introduced by none other than Ace Bourke (Ace and John Rendall were the guys who had Christian the Lion and then give to Joy and George Adamson to be released back into the wild) whose stories about Christian and experiences with Virginia (actress who plays Joy in Born Free) are legendary. The movie which brought the story of Elsa the lioness, and how George and Joy managed to return her to the wild after raising her from a cub, will have you immersed in the landscape of Africa as it was shot entirely on location.


Buy your ‘BORN FREE’ movie ticket today for only $20!


100% of the profits from tickets goes to The Global White Lion Protection Trust in South Africa.


Each movie ticket includes a free show bag and raffle tickets for our lucky door prizes – a chance to win an original lion drawing by renowned artist Nafisa and a chance to win a ticket to the upcoming Kevin Richardson event in Sydney – which will be drawn at the end of the movie.


Saturday 18th of April, 3:30pm at Event Cinema, George Street, Sydney.


Buy your tickets here


Purnima Kabra