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457 Visa and Sponsorship

Using On-hire Companies for 457 Visa Sponsorship – Alleviate The Fear Of Having to do it yourself

By 25 January 2016No Comments

I have recently been talking with several companies and individuals about the Australian 457 Visa Sponsorship and how some companies either fear or can’t be bothered with all the paperwork and time required around sorting out the sponsorship, even though the individual they are looking to employ has the relevant experience and skills that they require…

The good news is companies can alleviate that fear and time consuming effort by outsourcing the work to a government approved 457 visa on-hire company, like Pendragon, that will assist them with the 457 sponsorship.

Just like any outsourcing project, if you look at the on-hire company as the sponsor for the skilled individual then you alleviate all the documentation and responsibility around the visa part as the on-hire entity becomes the surrogate sponsor for the individual. This means you can hire contractors or permanent individuals from overseas without all the legal visa hassles, whilst at the same time knowing they are fully covered under the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) and local employment law to work legally in Australia…

This outsourcing option also assists the international individuals looking for roles with companies who do not sponsor for 457 visas…

The 457 visa allows a person to live and work in Australia, for up to 4 years on each visa. To obtain this 457 visa a company must become the individuals sponsor. The sponsoring company must have the approval to be a 457 sponsoring entity from the Government Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). Individuals can be sponsored directly by the company offering them the position if they are government approved to be able to sponsor 457 visa individuals. If not, both the individual and the company might like to look for companies that have the ability, via an on-hire agreement with the Government Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), to become the individuals surrogate sponsor for the period of the contract or permanent placement.

There are some stipulations around the employment such as; the individual must be paid the market salary rate e.g. the same rate that would be paid to an Australian for the same or similar job and they must work within their sponsored skill set at all times.

If you are a company looking to hire internationals through the 457 visa route within these skills; IT, Engineering, Telecoms, Management, Marketing, TV/Films or you would like to know more about how the 457 visa sponsorship works then we may be able to assist you or advise you on how best to go about it.

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Purnima Kabra