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Are companies using the office spaces as a weapon in the war of talent…???

By 31 July 2019No Comments

Though we have spent years on work/life balance, Homa, the Senior Vice President and Director of U.S. Research at JLL says that’s actually not the trend anymore. Instead it has come to our notice that more and more of the most valuable employees – and the employers competing for them, are looking for work/life integration.

Employees are now expected to bring their work home, sometimes even have to work on weekends and do late-night shifts; in short, they have to stay within the office ecosystem for long hours, so employers are now trying to make their workday more enjoyable.

There is an ever-growing increase in the number of companies that are redesigning their office spaces to be more fun, offering their employees more informal seating and living room type space as well as other amenities that would make them feel their office like home. There is also an effort in redesigning the work culture and adding more flexibility in carrying out recreational activities such as yoga sessions, indoor cycling, playing board games, happy hours, organising catered breakfasts and coffee bars. All of these things that people would usually do or enjoy on weekends in the past, are now becoming a trend in our day-to-day office schedules.

Today, the young, tech-savvy professionals are more interested in working at such engaging, entertaining yet prestigious workplaces. It is not only because of networking; but also because of various educational events, the flexibility to work anytime you want and not to forget- the cozy vibes. So, the companies wanting to hire them are trying every effort to redesign and meet their demands and needs.

Entrepreneurs find working in a co-working environment more suitable than their traditional private offices. This is because of the Triple F (Freedom and Flexibility Factor) provided by the coworking companies.

Believe it or not, corporate and private offices will soon become old school. The usual office you see every day has so many holes in it and these holes are being fixed by the presence of coworking, starting from the surroundings, networking, ambience, flexibility and much more. Due to a few of these reasons we know coworking is definitely the future of all workplaces.

What’s the future of Coworking spaces…??

Eventually, the coworking space style of work has a huge chance of becoming a new trend of working in the future. Having a shared office space with random and diverse people will be the core benefit of coworking spaces, and the number of people working in a private office will decline in due course. Coworking spaces isn’t just seen as a place to gather networks but also a place where you could unlock your potential. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy working in a small office space full of lively, energetic, diverse and interactive people willing to teach you different things.

What are your thoughts, Private Office or Coworking Space??? Which one would you prefer… let us know in the comments below…

Purnima Kabra