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Did you know you can now drive an electric car right around Australia without range anxiety…??

By 31 July 2019No Comments

At the launch of ‘New World of Work’ presentation in the Tesla showroom in Sydney CBD, two years ago, the CEO of Pendragon Management, John Glover in his ‘The Future is Here Now’ referred to electric cars in Australia.

We now see that the Australian capital cities will soon be connected by the largest network of high-speed EV charging stations for electric cars.

Australia’s Electric Vehicle (EV) charging network will receive a much-needed boost with 80 high-speed chargers to be installed between major cities to assist long-distance travel – the largest network of its kind in the country.

The chargers will be capable of adding 350 kilometres to a vehicle’s range in just ten minutes, helping alleviate the wait time and range anxiety amongst EV drivers.

The new network will be implemented as a partnership with Californian company EV Connect, with the anticipation of emulating EV adoption rates here in Australia. Australian charging station designer Evie Networks is said to have teamed up with the Californian software company to roll out the network. They will also be backed up by Brisbane based energy technology investor, St Bakery Energy Innovation Fund, which has committed to provide $28 million for the project.

It has been said that more than 80 ultra-fast chargers will be fitted at 46 sites around the country, strategically placed to allow for long-distance travel. This would allow electric vehicle drivers to travel from Cairns to Adelaide without the fear of running out of juice.

The EV Connect founder and CEO Jordan Ramer, stated to Business Insider Australia that they need to reduce range and charging anxiety in-order for Australia to fully realise the benefits of EVs. For this, the drivers would be given fully access to charging and information about chargers no matter where they travel.

This new high-speed network can be considered as the latest update on Australia’s development. It is relatively slow, but adoption of EVs commenced just after Infrastructure Australia named such a project as a national priority.

The Infrastructure Australia said adoption of electric vehicles, along with automation, growth and technological connectivity could bring the largest transformation in the transport sector of Australia.

The Australian Electric Vehicle Association and Tesla Owners Club of Australia came in together to commit and boost the national network. Their aim was to have no more than 300kms between any two charging points, however, only four sites are now off that maximum spacing giving the average of 200kms nationwide, which they achieved in May 2018. These two groups have succeeded to get almost 17,000 kms of roads surveyed and mapped. They did negotiate charging access with every site and provided outlets wherever needed.

Want to have a look at all the provided outlets where you can get the charging access? You can check it here.


Purnima Kabra