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Climate Change… Australian Discussion… The Plan To Take Back Our Planet From The Polluters…

By 30 September 2019No Comments

How to win the new climate war with Dr. Michael Mann, Craig Reucassel, Lucy Manne and Nicholas Milyari Fitzpatrick…

Greta Thunberg kicked off the Climate Summit on 23rd September 2019, three days after inspiring the world’s largest climate change protest, with an impassioned speech demanding action to end man-made climate change. And while she was never mentioned, her impact was felt through the SDG Summit. The impacts of climate change now plays out daily in the news cycle and on our social media feeds. Coastal inundation, withering heat waves and droughts, devastating floods, unprecedented wildfires: the climate crisis has arrived.


As a consequence, fossil fuel interests can no longer claim nothing is happening and have shifted to ‘soft denial’, distraction and delay in their effort to prevent climate action.


Dr. Michael Mann’s experiences on the front lines of the battle to communicate climate science give him a unique insight into what steps we can take now to defend our planet from assault by polluting interests.


Attendees will have the rare opportunity to hear from Dr Mann on this Australian visit, while funds raised for this event will support bringing Dr Mann here to work with UNSW in early 2020 during Australia’s most intensive climate change impact season.


Craig Reucassel, writer and comedian best known for his work with The Chaser and for going through your bins on The War on Waste, will be the MC for the night.


Following his presentation, Dr Mann will be joined on stage by Lucy Manne and Nicholas Milyari Fitzpatrick, two campaigners leading the fight against the fossil fuel industry here in Australia for discussion and Q&A.


Lucy Manne is CEO of 350 Australia, our local chapter of a global grassroots people-powered movement working to hold leaders accountable to the realities of science and the principles of justice, and has recently joined 350 Australia where she is excited to both tackle the fossil fuel industry responsible for this crisis, and stand in solidarity with frontline communities.


Nicholas Milyari Fitzpatrick is a Yanyuwa and Garawa man from Barroloola and is Seed’s Remote Community Organiser in the Northern Territory. Nick has been a strong youth leader in the Aboriginal community-led campaign to ban fracking in Northern Territory for many years. Nick is passionate about climate justice and ensuring that remote Aboriginal communities are supported to protect country from fracking and to build opportunities for sustainable jobs on country.


The event will take place on unceded Gadigal land. We pay our respects to elder’s past, present and emerging and acknowledge that there can be no climate justice for First Nations people.

It will begin with a Welcome to Country from the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council. To know more about the event and buy the tickets visit here!


We will be leaving the mess we create to the next generation and so they should be heard!

We are doing our bit to save the planet for the next generation, are you…??


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Purnima Kabra