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Pendragon Pledges Support to Animal Works

By 1 June 2017No Comments

Pendragon has recently committed its support to Animal Works, an Australian not-for-profit association that works with partners around the world to conserve wildlife.
Animal Works are unique because they only raise funds and work with partners to secure the rescue, rehabilitation and release of wild animals back into their habitat to replenish the gene pool.
Since their inception in 2009 Animal Works have raised over $400,000 for wildlife projects.
Animal Works is run entirely voluntarily by three women, passionate about the natural world and determined not to let the world’s most iconic species disappear on THEIR watch.
100% of any and all funds raised go directly to providing a real solution. This includes pristine rainforest, veterinary supplies, anti-poaching gear, infant milk formula and camera traps.

What they do

Animal Works implements significant and long-term conservation measures worldwide. Their recent projects include raising funds for:

  • A mobile veterinary service vehicle to save injured tigers and leopards of North India
  • Securing pristine rainforest habitat in Borneo as well as rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing threatened orphaned orang-utans over that vast area
  • Innovative solutions to human/animal conflict around farms, villages and industrial areas in Africa and Asia – dramatically reducing deaths and injury of iconic animals such as elephants, rhino and the ‘big cats’

Animal Works has a number of current projects that they are working on alongside other organisations globally. These current projects are listed below, but if you want more information and details on any project please visit their website:

  • Orang-utan Legacy Forest, Borneo
  • Cheetah, Leopard and Lion Rescue, Rehabilitation and Release, Namibia
  • Leopard and Tiger Rescue, Rehabilitation and Release, North India
  • Orphan Elephant Care and Milk Fund, Kenya and Assam, India
  • White Lion Reintroduction Program, South Africa
  • Rhino and Elephant Anti-Poaching Measures, Africa
  • Snow Leopard Population Research, Nepal
  • George Adamson Wildlife Preservation Trust, Kenya
  • Save The Elephants, Kenya


The Faces behind the Charity



Co-Founder, Campaign Head, Artist
From the time Nafisa began her art practice in 2000, she has been totally committed to creating works that celebrate the beauty of our fragile world. Nafisa was born in Mumbai, India, educated in Hong Kong and Sydney and currently works from her studio and gallery in Mosman – ‘H’art Matters Gallery’ where Animal Works maintains a permanent presence. She has a Master of Fine Arts degree, is a fellow of the Royal Art Society of NSW and is the founder and president of Portrait Artists Australia. She has won over 100 commendations and awards for her art including the prestigious Archibald Packer’s Prize and the gold medal in the Florence Biennale.

Sarah Menzies

Advisor, Social Media, Merchandise, Educator
Sarah is the founder of The Feline Foundation, a non-profit organisation that supports big and small cats across the world, including lions, leopards and cheetahs in Africa through a collaring and release program to ensure as many of these big cats as possible get back to the wild. Sarah has spent time monitoring these cats in Namibia where she worked hands on with research departments and in other areas of conservation. By day Sarah is a high school teacher, where she teaches conservation to her students. She is passionate about all animals, especially wildlife.

Imogen Taylor

Fundraising, Social Media, Children’s Author-Illustrator
Imogen hails from the UK. Where having worked for several years as a lawyer for an international law firm and an environmental charity, she decided on a career change to pursue her first love – illustration and story writing. Her series of children’s books – The POWEs (the Protectors Of Wildlife Endangered), take children on adventures all around the world with each story being set in a different country and covering a different wildlife conservation issue. Imogen believes, that for success in the conservation of our wilderness and endangered species, we have to engage with children as young as those who are just starting school. Imogen wants to instil in children a love for wildlife and wild places – if children fall in love with wildlife they will grow up wanting to protect it. The first book in the POWEs series is available through the Animal Works shop

How you can get involved

In the past, Pendragon’s CEO John Glover has attended a selection of events hosted by Animal Works and has bought several pieces of their artwork. In the future, Pendragon will continue this commitment to raise funds to help support Animal Works cause, as well as work alongside the association to raise awareness with the general public.
If you are interested in joining Pendragon to support this wonderful cause, check out their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – share it and tag a friend. Or get involved by………..

You can also visit Animal Works at H’art Matters Gallery in Mosman, where they maintain a permanent presence (which incurs them no cost) to generate awareness about wildlife conservation.
Animal Works currently has a volunteer position as an Administrator, which would allow an interested party to get actively involved in the association.
“Will the next generation look back on this time and our generation with disgust at our apathy as we watched our wildlife become extinct. Or will they punch their fists in the air shouting our praises at the success of saving our iconic species, because we cared enough to do something.” – Nafisa (co-founder of Animal Works)

Purnima Kabra