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Remember the Australian Bushfires…? The Survivors Feel They Have Been Forgotten And So Do The Animals…

By 29 April 2020No Comments

For the Australians who witnessed the most horrific fire season on record, there has been no time for them to recover before the world got hit by a new crisis COVID-19. When asked how they are dealing with the situation, they said it’s been challenging and feel that they have been forgotten

Moreover, the measures put in place for coronavirus are impacting the rescue of the injured animals. The precautions forced vets into an awkward situation, to choose which animals they can save and those they must leave to die…  and in particular, koalas are native only to Australia and are now extremely vulnerable to extinction…

The regeneration of the forest and replenishing of the animals that have not been killed will not start to take place until we decide to support the climate. Hence, Pendragon had already pledged to plant a tree in 2020 for every new lead and to support a Koala for anyone who works through Pendragon for a minimum of 3 months. We are proud to say we have more than 200 trees ready to be planted and are looking to support several Koalas at the only  Koala hospital in Australia.

Some good news re Koalas and the Koala hospital – some are being released back into the wild

Remember… If the COVID-19 and Bushfires have taught us anything, it’s that we should change our mindset to work together as human beings to save our planet in the best way we can so we all can enjoy its beauty with our friends and families.

Purnima Kabra